I have, as of ten minutes ago, sent out all of the queries I am going to send.  I am not exempt from any potential penalties, because my part of the task is done.  Sorry I was too diligent to get subjected to anything really hilarious.

From here on we’re just waiting for something to trigger the final prize, i.e. an offer of representation.  If I hear absolutely nothing else by the end of the year, then we go to plan B, which is the on-blog serialization.  If more partial and full requests come in, there’s a rolling six month hold period pending hearing back before I do that.

Thanks for playing, and here’s hoping there are more prizes awarded!

2 thoughts on “Query Game Update: Completion!

  1. This reminds me: I was describing your query game to a friend, and instead of giggling he sighed deeply and said that if you tired of the whole “find an agent” thing you should consider contacting his publishing company. So here is: http://www.spectaclepmg.com/ .

    1. Thanks for the link. I’m pretty much at a “big publisher or self-publish” point in terms of career goals and interest so I probably won’t be contacting them, but it’s cool to run across ventures like that.

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