Podcast: Why Don’t You Ask the Doomsday Machine

This week‘s podcast let me vicariously live out one of my dearest fantasies, i.e. killing every living thing in the universe.  Several times.  It’s a little bit the best thing ever, and since I was doing the recording last week, I think we all know what I was thankful for.

Other things that make me thankful?  Auditions for podcast readers.

Don’t kid yourself. You know you want to hear me being a Doomsday machine.  Right now.

Podcast: November Poetry

Can haz poems!  You’ve got double doses of both Julia and me, so you know you’re in for a treat.  Go listen.

And while you’re listening, think about how awesome it’s going to be when one of those poems is a fresh voice you don’t normally hear.  Super awesome, right?  That’s why you should direct all the nice voices you know to our audition guidelines.

Podcast Reader Auditions

Ever wanted to try your hand at voice acting, podcasting, or reading poetry out loud for an audience?  Now’s your chance!  The guidelines for auditioning as a reader for the Strange Horizons poetry podcast are now up, and I’m eager to start collecting samples.  Tell anybody you know who might be interested.  Tell anybody you know who might know somebody who might be interested.  Get me potential readers, my lovelies, because I”ll be needing about one a month for the foreseeable future.  Tell everybody.

Podcast: The Mythology of Salt

The story for this week’s podcast is very pretty, though if you have dry skin I’d suggest lotion because the salt imagery is rampant and compelling.  Or turn off the suggestible parts of your brain, because thinking about the salt could burn a bit otherwise.

In other news, since Strange Horizons hit their stretch goals for the fund drive, we get to add external readers to our poetry podcasts.  This is pretty awesome, but it does mean that I need to have external readers to hire for the various readings.  We’ll be posting guidelines on the website with the guidelines for submitting to the other areas of the magazine soon.  In the mean time, if you could let any voice actors you happen to know to watch that space, I’d appreciate it greatly.

Until then, have podcast!

Podcast: Yuca and the Domnioes

Teenagers who I don’t want to set on fire and a “family matters” type of theme that’s genuinely sweet.  That’s this week’s podcast!

You know how sometimes you dig into something and you just plain don’t know enough to even know what you don’t know?  And then if you brazenly push on you’re likely to show off that you didn’t know what you were doing, even if you nail the narrow things you researched?

I had the opposite problem with this week’s podcast.  I took one look at the story and went, “But I don’t know what a Cuban accent sounds like.  Or a Cuban American accent.  What if I read the story and all the characters sound like they’re from Argentina and everybody hates me for being an incompetent gringa?”

I may have overreacted a smidge.  Joe (the author) was very good natured about the whole thing.  Thanks, Joe!

The rest of you, go check it out.

Podcast: Event Horizon

The third and final story for the awesome month of awesome Halloween stories is up, and you can listen to it here.  Each of the stories that we’ve done this month have been really different from the others, which makes me happy since then I don’t feel like I have to pick a favorite.  I can’t.  They all do what they’re trying to do really well, and they’re trying completely different things.  This one is your most traditional horror-type haunted house story, but it’s got a lot more going on that that, of course.  It gets its creepy on well.

I did the post-production on this week’s podcast a bit differently since I still feel like there’s a gap between where we are and where we could be.  It fixed a lot of what I’ve been unsatisfied with, but introduced some different issues and I can’t decide whether this is a net improvement or not.  I’d super-appreciate feedback on that front, if any of you are willing.  You just have to go here to get it.