I am currently accepting new clients for developmental and structural editing.

What is Developmental and Structural Editing?

These are the levels of editing where we look at the book as a whole, figure out what is and isn’t working, and what you can do to make it the best possible version of that book.  Have plot holes?  Characters who aren’t working?  Have you chosen the wrong POV or had your plot go off the rails halfway through?  These are the sorts of questions and issues tackled during this phase of editing.

A good dev edit will both let the author know what they have, and point them toward what they could have.  It’s not all negative – knowing what works is just as important as knowing what doesn’t.  If you’re familiar with getting beta readers on early drafts, or the more collaborative revision process some agents and publishing editors use, that’s the kind of editing you can expect.

If you think your draft is nearly done or you just want somebody to find typos, you’re looking for a different kind of edit.  I’m happy to suggest other editors who would be good folks to contact for that work.  (I am a mediocre copy editor; trust me.  You want somebody else.)

But if you’re interested in fine tuning the thematic resonance of your plot, checking your pacing, or making sure the flesh and bones of your manuscript are everything they could be, I might be a good choice for you.

Who am I?

A book nerd who can’t stop talking about book things.

In addition to my publishing credits, I served as a reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly for four years, I’ve taught in a variety of workshop and classroom settings, and worked with dozens of authors on editing their manuscripts.  I read widely, analyze thoroughly, and love to teach.  Just as importantly, I’m communicative, meet my deadlines, and am open to tailoring my processes to make sure you get what you need from working with me.

That said, not every editor is perfect for every author.  Take a look at the following links and if you think we’re a good match, go ahead and contact me, either through the author query form, or editoranaea at gmail dot com.

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