Short fiction:

I Have Walked the Bridge to the Moon: Hear What I Say – Upcoming from NameL3ss

For the Last Time, It’s Not a Ray Gun – Upcoming from Diabolical Plots December 2018

Emshalur’s Hand Stays – Podcastle September 2017 (audio and text)

James and Peter, Fishing – Podcastle, May 2016 (audio)

The Right Bright Courier – Beneath Ceaseless Skies March 2016

Armed For You – Unidentified Funny Objects 4 Fall 2015

Shared Faces – Escape Pod December 2014 (audio and print)

So Inflamed, I have Left – Penumbra August 2014 – Audio from PodCastle November 2015

These Walls of Despair – Writers of the Future Vol. 30 May 2014

Salamander Patterns – Lightspeed January 2014

A Long Fuse to a Slow Detonation – Waylines November 2013 – Audio from The Overcast April 2017

Doomsday Will Come with Flame – Daily Science Fiction October 2013

Turning the Whisper – Apex September 2013. Audio from The Overcast January 2015.

They Called Him Monster – Nightmare July 2013

Hiding on the Red Sands of Mars – Strange Horizons May 2013

The Visited – Lightspeed April 2013 Audio version at StarShipSofa October 2013

Canon – Shock Totem July 2012

On Moonlit Wings – Penumbra June 2012. Audio version at StarShipSofa February 2014.

Your Cities – Online at Apex June 2011. In print in The Book of Apex: Volume 3 (discount code BOA3Lay) Audio version at Toasted Cake. Also reprinted in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination issue #4.

Non-Fiction appearances:

Women Destroy Science Fiction – Stocking Stuffers

Lightspeed Magazine – Author Spotlight: Anaea Lay, Salamander Patterns

Clarkesworld Magazine – Sapir Whorf Must Die

Nightmare Magazine – Author Spotlight: Anaea Lay – Author Spotlight: Anaea Lay, The Visited

Spice of Life – Thumbnail Thursday with Anaea Lay– Inclusivity and Exclusivity in Fiction: Anaea Lay on “An Element of Excitement”

Penumbra – Multi-tasking and writing.

Apex – Horror is Weird.

FrumForum.  Twice.  Both about the early days of the pre-Occupy protests in Madison, Wisconsin.


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