Anaea goes Twainian

In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court there’s an episode wherein the titular Yankee gets into a contest of comparisons with a local wherein they compare average salaries. The local gets paid better and considers himself the winner. The Yank follows this up by asking about local prices major expenses such as food, points at that the cost for those same items in his area is so much lower that the overall standard of living is higher. The local doesn’t get it and stupidly continues on in the belief that he is the winner of the contest whereupon our Yank punches him, because sometimes that the only way to make sure the argument ends the way it ought to. I didn’t really understand this reaction when I was a kid and read it, I thought that surely Twain was calling Yankees a brutal lot who can’t handle losing an argument. Upon recalling the incident this morning my opinion has changed rather dramatically. There really are people who need to get punched in order to settle the argument properly. For example:

I seriously need to stay off the news