There have been requests for my spec about book 7. I haven’t answered any of them because I figured that some time this week I’d do a giant write up will all my major points of spec and detailed support for them. I started this entry. Life got in the way, I haven’t finished it, and won’t before tonight, so I’ll just list my points of spec and if you want to know why I thought these things, sometime after tomorrow I’ll go ahead and tell you.

1) Harry dies
2) Snape was in love with Lily, killed Dumbledore on his orders, will live, and was probably in it for himself all along
3) Harry might be a horcrux. Very iffy. I doubt Nangini is too.
4) Dumbledore stays dead.

3 thoughts on “Very rushed Harry Potter spec

    1. Sorry. Meant to right when I posted it, but my internet connection died on me, again, and then I had to run away. Should be fixed soon, assuming my connection stays solid for more than 30 seconds.

  1. I just finished Book 7 so let me know when you are done and we can exchange opinions and thoughts about it.
    I am going to try and find time to go to a book store to try and find the “These are the predictions about Book 7 as complied by! Watch us predict!” and be pleasently surprised by things they thought were right and laugh things they got dead wrong.

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