So, I’ve finally gotten so bored with training at work that I’ve quit paying any attention (except to copy cheat-sheet notes off the guy next to me) and just poke at the internet. We’re not doing anything that will take more than a couple hours for me to teach myself and methinks that’s probably better anyway.

While poking at the internet I found this story by Cory Doctorow, a pretty popular SF writer I haven’t gotten around to reading at all yet. (Anaea is a bad, bad SF geek and very out of touch with anything not old. So goes her normal reading habits in anything though)

Can I just say that reading about saving the internet after the apocalypse, with tons of SysAdmins for characters, is flat out surreal while somebody in the front of the room is showing slides for system builds? I think I can, and I just did.

Read the story, it’s quite good. Made it hard to fake paying attention.

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