Last Wednesday Don and I had people from work over for to consume French Silk Pie and watch fantastic British productions of Robin Hood. My book collection wound up under discussion (it overwhelms the dining room, so that was vaguely inevitable) which lead to discussions of epic fantasy series, and to the Wheel of Time. There was talk over Robert Jordan’s health problems, and a debate over whether it would be better to have the series finished and brought to its overblown, wandering conclusion, or wind up with heirs forever tinkering because there’s more in those notes of his! I was firmly opposed to his passing as we already have enough postmortem tinkering, and it always disappoints.

I think he did it just to spite me.

R.I.P. oh ye of the massive world building. You gave hope to all the verbose and complex wannabes.

3 thoughts on “Oh dear

  1. Does “British Productions of Robin Hood” refer to that new BBC series?
    And I could not get into the first Wheel of Time book because:
    a) I did not get what the wheel of time actually was.
    b) It felt like the first chapters of Fellowship of the Ring, with the hobbit-ish people in their shire-like surroundings dealing with ominous ring-wraith characters in the background.
    I have been told the series is much more creative then that but that’s were I stood anyway.

    1. No, the early 90’s version with Uma Thurman that I always make everybody watch.
      It is more creative than that, but I actually really and truly dropped it half way through and I’m not sorry, so I wouldn’t necessarily push you to pick it up.

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