I’ve won.

Total at beginning of month: 51722
Total now: 101824
Total for the month: 50102

Well, the month isn’t over, and I’m probably not done for the day, but I’ve cracked the 50k mark and I’m going to start cutting things. Anyway, somebody owes me ice cream.

More importantly: I can haz writer’s group?

Clarity: You’ll be glad to know that I’ve now snatched victory at the last minute from Don, too. He was about 700 words shy of 50K when I realized I was over. Of course, he spent the month trying to sabotage me, so I will not be buying him porn as a consolation prize.

7 thoughts on “Attn all NaNo betters.

  1. I’m up for writer’s group, as long as people are willing to look at my crap.
    Also, I’d like to draw attention to the new stealing-themed LJ icon. Prescient, no? For the record, my sabotage was only to counter her sabotage and her underhanded tactics to get ahead.

    1. Wait, which one of us invented the, “Let’s loom over her shoulder and read select bits out loud” strategy?
      Yeah, I stole – I stole your techniques for sabotage and turned them against you.
      And seriously, handwriting stuff while I’m supposed to be paying attention to something else is a downgrade of what I normally do. Usually I’d be typing while I’m supposed to be paying attention to something else.

      1. It was pretty shitty porn. But she also brought me cookies. You getting cookies?
        Congratulations to both of you, anyway. You have beat me to filing my grad school applications. Yay, you.

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