For the record, I don’t keep private or friends only entries on this journal. I locked two about a year and a half ago because I was venting about something people I knew could follow, but which I didn’t think the entire world should be privy to, and retroactively gone and f-locked a few posts in which I was mean to people who might potentially find it and give me headaches about it. That’s a total of maybe six non-public posts in well over three years. In general, if I’m not willing to let the whole world hear about it, fleshy people I see in the non electronic version of the world just hear earful after earful until I’m either bored or worn out.

Additionally, my first reaction upon hearing that my credit card, paypal, or bank account information has been compromised is, in order, “Yeah right, don’t have one, you wish.” Funny thing about being paranoid enough to keep the risky stuff behind encryption and on super-secure machines is that I’m harder to get to than the average guy, so my default reaction is arrogant disbelief.

That said, in response to the massive upswing in spam of all sorts attacking this screen name, go ahead and quit. I don’t have anything valuable attached to it. So go ahead, steal my private entries, and all of Anaea Blue’s banking information you want. Just, you know, try not to be too upset when you find out that I don’t exist, kay?

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