1) I re-read Preludes and Nocturnes on the way down to Chicago Monday. In the story about the end of the world there’s a news report wherein the apocalypse is reported, and then they turn to an absurd news story about a dancing cat or some such. This was pretty obviously meant as a jab about the silly juxtapositions the evening news puts together without flinching. My reaction upon reading was simply, “Huh, this is a little dated. Nowadays they’d talk about the cat first.” Nevermind the ’80s era pop culture references, that was what made me stop and notice that these weren’t contemporary.

2) I am not in the least bit frightened of international terrorists. I don’t think that any reasonable person in the U.S. should be afraid of international terrorism on American soil. The TSA gives me the heebe jeebies.

3) I get entirely too panicked/hysterical when I break/lose my personal electronics. Except my cell phone. That was damned inconvenient, and I’m happy it came back, but I didn’t really care one way or the other. Come to think of it, what haven’t I either broken or lost for a while lately?

4) My coat poses a threat to national security. No really, I must be transporting dangerous substances in the lining or something because it freaks people out.

5) When in all likelihood Obama beat Hillary in the Texas caucuses, and she only won the popular vote by 3 points, and even then she won it in districts with less delegates than the ones Obama won in, which means that Obama is likely to have swept up several more delegates in Texas than Hillary, possibly enough to make up for the margin between them in Ohio and Vermont, why is everybody acting like Hillary kicked his ass? I’m not entirely sure she actually won Texas at all. She sure as hell didn’t lose it, but people were saying she had to win Texas and Ohio to stick it out. Also, why did it take CNN until four o’clock Wednesday to even consider the possibility that despite the media ruckus, Obama might be the actual winner? Additionally how on earth does the USA Today get off saying that Hillary had clearly won Texas by midnight EST when I was watching the election results until 1:30 EST and the spread between them was bouncing between 2 and 3 points. There’s nothing clear about a 3 point spread with less than 95% of the vote in when the last districts to report are the ones going to the guy in back. I think I need to go have John Scalzi tell me to chill out again.

6) Upon returning to my apartment from Texas, I react for the first time with, “It’s good to get home.” Upon getting into Chicago three days later I go, “Ah, home again.” Upon going to Hyde Park I go, “I hope nobody thinks I’m casing the place. I really just want pics for secret project R.” Upon returning again to apartment today I go, “Great, I get to clean this weekend. Wooo. Bloody. Hooo.” I think there’s a lesson there.

7) 5.5 hours of sleep after 43 hours awake, when the sleeping begins at 9 am, is enough for a fully functional, cheerful, 17 hours of wakeful non-yawny Anaea. 7 hours of sleep, starting at about 1 am and when fully rested, leads to an Anaea who finds the physical act of waking up excruciatingly painful (literally. I’ve still got muscles tender from spasming) who can’t string two thoughts together to save her life, can’t stop yawning, and nods off in to lucid dreaming at the slightest provocation. No lesson, just more proof that when my mother tells me to grow up, she must mean change careers and become a night security guard or something.

2 thoughts on “Thought dumpage becuase IRL I’m getting redundant

  1. Some people are just naturally nocturnal. *looks pointedly at closed bedroom door*
    I wonder if moving to a time-zone where 9am your time is a “normal” bedtime hour would help, or if you’d adjust to the 9am there as your bedtime.

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