Unexpected banking of vacation time at work and actually getting around to booking a hotel room (free, muahaha!) covered, it just now occurred to me that I meant to post it here but never did. I’m going to Penguicon. To quote myself from around that time a year ago, “Christ! It’s like my entire corner of the internet packed up and decided to have fun without me. I’m getting in on that next time.” Literally, I had a weekend of silent internet.

It’s my first real con, as in not cobbled together and put up in a dorm with hopes of future greatness. It’ll also be my first time in Michigan. Oh, and crammed in between a trip to Chicago and a trip to the west coast. (Either Oregon or So. Cal, I’m hoping for Oregon) It’ll be rocksome.

I fully expect to come back from the con saying, “Well, I know jack about computers, and apparently people didn’t stop writing science fiction halfway through the eighties, but I’m doing it again next time!” Just in case, Don’s coming too. And so should you!

(The official hotel is booked, but if you want I’ll tell you which hotel I’m staying in for purposes of clustering the geeks together. No I can’t get you a free room too, I blew most of my points on visiting my sister)

I need to go pack now.

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