Found the perfect house yesterday after cold calling a Realtor off a sign posted in front of a house Don and I both loved and couldn’t afford just the day before. Made the offer at 6:20pm, got the call back saying it had been accepted at 10:30. Just so we’re clear, when I say perfect I mean gorgeous, goodly sized, the yard shall be slain and transformed into a heap of bushes and rocks for minimal maintenance, and beyond that I’m changing two of the lighting fixtures and calling it done. Also, it’s cheap. Our monthly mortgage payment will probably come out to just above what the monthly rent on the apartment in Chicago was. This is about two-three months before we planned to make an offer on anything but we weren’t willing to let it get away from us.

We close in mid-May. I foresee a significant reduction in the extent to which I despise this general area scheduled for early June, right around when we have things like unpacked boxes and furniture.

6 thoughts on “This is not an April Fool’s Day Prank

  1. Dude. I went to Europe and you bought a house.
    What the fuck. And congradulations, and also there’s got to be a catch, and congratulations again, and if it IS an April Fools Day thing you’re the only one who loses out so I don’tcare, but. Whatthefuck.
    That’s awesome. I’m so helping you move.

      1. …you do know I don’t get home until mid-May, right?
        What do you want for a housewarming present? I’m thinking a giant Germain porcelain statue of a parrot. You’ll have to put it in the living room. As I don’t think you’ll be able to move it much.

      2. Then you’d better come straight here. And why did you offer if you couldn’t deliver?
        How about a bird bath for the front yard instead?

      3. I was figuring on…well, hmm, actually? Suddenly the idea of getting a bus to Madison straight from O’Hare after I get in that Sunday is sounding utterly tempting. I could like, help for a week or so, and then swing back to see my parents, right?
        The porcelain parrot, being quite a bit too big for me to lift, was something of a joke, but we’ll see about that bird bath.

      4. Which Sunday is it that you’re getting in? Depending on how that meshes with my travel schedule and such I could try hooking you up with a free ride that week.

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