People deciding not to vote for Hillary are not necessarily doing so because they’re sexist or they don’t think a woman could do the job. It’s just slightly possible that they hate, loathe and despise the woman because she’s a corrupt snake who plays dirty then whines when it doesn’t work and being female doesn’t excuse that. We can go ahead and stop talking to and quoting all the middle-aged women who are gnashing their teeth and getting upset over losing, they’ve gone a bit over the edge now.

Seriously now, who does the good ol’ boys club hate more than a white woman? A black man. The good ol’ boys club didn’t steal the election from Hillary. College students did.

That said, could we please, please stop talking about putting Hillary on the bottom half of the ticket. I want to vote for Obama. I want to sincerely and unhesitatingly cheer him on to the white house. I might do the first if he she’s on the ticket too but I definitely can’t do the second. Not to mention the bit where I consider putting her in line for the presidency is as good as writing a death sentence for Obama. Not just because she’s already dropping hints about it, but because I’ve been chewing on my spleen and sweating over the risk that he’d get shot since I first got interested in him. I’m from the South for crying out loud – we know what happens to civil rights leaders when they get close to power. The rest of the country enjoys bitching at us over it too much for us to forget.

Which leads me to my final point. Would the people writing the news articles stop acting as if only black people are anxious over the risk of our golden boy turning martyr? If the only people supporting Obama were black he wouldn’t be where he is now. I think anybody with a sense of history, the current climate in the country, and an interest in Obama’s safety, is concerned. No need to pretend I don’t exist over here. I’m important, you see, because without people like me the democrats are going to dance McCain right into the White House.

Needless to say, NPR and I haven’t been getting along this week.

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