Wewonwewonwewonwewonwewonwewonwewon!!!! Woooooooohoooooooooooo. Yay!!!!!!

Dear American People,

You are now one critical step closer to cheesecake.


Oh hot damn I like this winning thing.

Dear Hillary,

Do you feel even remotely as ridiculous as you look? Just a twinge maybe? Seriously hon, the race is over. You don’t get to stomp your feet and demand that people decide second place is the new win. You’re pushing past delusion into psychosis.


Never liked you anyway.

Okay people, time to start suggesting recipes. What’s your favorite? I’ll get practicing for November…

5 thoughts on “Ahem

  1. May I suggest a white chocolate cheesecake with a Kahlua swirl and dusted with espresso powder? I think that’d be tasty.
    Although, now that I actually type that out, it could be misconstrued as a joke at Obama’s multi-ethnic heritage, which I most certainly did not intend…hmmmmm…
    Ok, how about a classic cheesecake with a butter rum swirl and sprinkled with shaved coconut?
    /me is a total foodie 😀

      1. Well, it’s sad in that I cannot offer you recipes, except “just make a cheesecake. Chill it heavily. Put some strawberries on it. Maybe a spring of mint.”
        On other food-related things I greatly enjoy offering recipes.

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