Here I asked for suggestions for a V for Vendetta alternative that would function as a feel-good movie in the same way. Today I found it.

It turns out that overthrowing a despot with contempt for the people who let him come to power wasn’t what I was after – it was blowing things up for the sheer shits and giggles of it. With lots of broody darkness and violent anarchy. It was fabulous.

This probably proves that I’m rather evil myself, but the Joker made me happy. I feel better about the world than I did four hours ago, and it’s because I just watched him tear a city to bits and have a blast doing it. (My city, incidentally, since the movie didn’t even pretend Gotham wasn’t just a substitute for Chicago)

Thursday I was talking to Clarity about how Batman is a western set in an urban environment, and that’s why I love it. I was so full of shit it’s not even funny. There are way, way too many layers to break it into a Western. They did nearly everything every other comic book movie has tried, except they did it well. The Spiderman movies should go hide in a corner and feel inadequate.

Anybody I know local to either of my places of frequent residence who hasn’t seen it yet, call me before you go. I want to come with. I will try to not cackle maniacally through it like I did tonight.

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