My room is small, and empty.

If you’re at the end of your ability to compromise, to wait, to see things self-correct, step into my room.

If you want to be free, happy, and safe, step into my room.

If you’re angry and frustrated, yet sensible enough to know that anger is not powerful, step into my room.

My room is empty, but waiting.

We will render the mechanism of the problem, the structure of our enemy, useless by solving the problems they exacerbate and ignore without them. Where we need a building, we will build it ourselves. Where we need a program, we will design, staff, and fund it. Where we need rules, we will self-govern. And where we need freedoms, we will take them. Everyone will be welcome to visit our space because we haven’t really accomplished anything until we have accomplished it for everyone, but we will remind them that we are the architects and the builders. We will invite them into my room.

There is no room for demons in my room, nor for demon-hunters. Our scope must be narrow and focus on the tangible. We may compromise on the furnishings, but not on the foundation, quibble over the colors, but not the structure. We will argue, bicker and fight amongst ourselves and conclude with a better understanding of what yet must be done. We will vilify our enemy, but welcome him when he comes and learn all that we can. To win, we must convert the enemy, so we embrace conversion.

If you are an idealist, step out of my room. Go fight your fight. Be brave, be ruthless, and clutch your ideals close. Only when they fail and you have lost your faith should you return to my room where will embrace you with pride, and you will teach us why you failed. We will have our dreams of paradise, the laborers in my room, but our structure must thrive in reality, becoming ideal in the perfection of its implementation. All you broken dreamers, you mourners of lost hope, come into my room and we will create a new plan which embraces the foibles of man and is the stronger for it.

My room is empty, until you fill it. It is small, but it can grow.

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