So I’ve been without a horse in this race since July. Republicans are on my “not with a ten food pole and a bottle of disinfectant” list until their (hopefully) inevitable meltdown and restructuring. I’m allergic to being taken care of and or helped, so the Democrats aren’t getting my vote just ‘casue*, and Barak Obama went and pissed on my deal-breaker issues meaning I won’t vote for him personally either. The Libertarians are running a hard core Republican, which means they’re not getting touched – and frankly, I’m pissed at them for their remarkably poor taste. Palin’s undone any damage they were hoping Barr would do in terms of poaching the conservative base, and while swiping Republicans is an age-old standby for Libertarians, that doesn’t mean we have to accept the icky ones.

I’ve been in a remarkably bad mood for a while, and exposure to the news is definitely contributing, so in an effort to insulate myself I went candidate shopping tonight. I haven’t quite settled on anything yet, but I definitely found something I like at first glance: The Boston Tea Party. Come on now, I’d give my newly founded break-away libertarian party that name too. The guy they’re running has dealings with the Personal Choice party (we’re just singing my song) and ran with a porn star in the VP slot. I’m tempted to vote for him just for the porn star bit because, seriously, you don’t get more pro-woman than that, and he did it in the election style before having tits on the ticket became trendy. He’s ahead of the curve.

Yeah, I’m still enjoying the Joker a little too much. I’m sure I’ll stop wanting to burn down the world in just a few more weeks. Maybe. A little. Not.

Anywho, that’s the Boston Tea Party, running Charles Jay. I still need to dig in and find the problems – there are always problems – but it’s looking promising.

*For those of you about to hemorrhage, please note that while I’m actively pissed at and uncomfortable with the Republicans, I’m simply not interested in voting for a Democrat. Just mentioning since I know some of you care, and others will stop talking to me if I don’t clarify.

6 thoughts on “Candidate Shopping

  1. Well the party sounds new and completely without a national organization, which means that there is absolutely no chance they can even be slightly corrupt since they have no power to be corrupt over.
    The real question is whether this can hold several years out, and if so, whether it will turn into the very Libertarian party that it now despises, or if it will manage to hold to their convictions.

    1. I plan to call the guy on Monday to size him up and try finding out. There’s an unsatisfactory quantity of information available on the internet.
      And hey, if it doesn’t work, it’s not like I haven’t bailed on parties/candidates before.

      1. I just saw an interview with the candidate on Fox News of all places.
        He says that he is currently on the ballot in three states. General focus seems to be on personal responsibility, free choice, first amendment rights, and not being the Libertarian party which Bob Barr now is leading Gloriously as Fearless Leader.
        I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that he does this since he gets to take the porn star with him on the trail. That must work out well for both of them.
        In any case, check, because he may not be on the ballot in your state.

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