I’m downtown this week, and as I’m sitting on the fancy new red (ugly) chaise lounge, blinds throw all the way open for a full view, and working my little fingers off, I see what looks like two big, bright sparks plunging down the side of the building across the way. They’re doing construction and have temporary external elevators up, with lights running up either side, but these lights are stationary and there’s only one light on the elevator itself which moves at a rather ponderous rate. “Curious,” says I to myself, and I leave it at that.

A few minutes later there’s another one which I catch out the corner of my eye. Now I have visions of fire cats running down the side of the building, chasing each other to the street below where they’ll wreak most amusing havoc, and here I am working without watching it. So I get up, look down to the street, see no sparks, no fire cats, no glow sticks, nothing to explain what I’m seeing. “That’s it. Too many nights of not really sleeping so well. Hallucinations have started,” says I to myself. “Ignore the pretty demons across the street.”

Three more a few moments later. I’m more curious than concerned with maintaining fictions about my alleged sanity, so I’m back at the window looking for fire demons on the sidewalk. Then, wonder of wonders, I think to look up to see if maybe there’s a nest of them in the elevator cables somewhere.

Totally just sparks from construction work. They were so much higher up that most of them burned out before reaching my paltry twenty-one stories up. Soooooo pretty.

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