Was very tasty. Here’s the menu:

Fried macaroni and cheese balls
Bacon-wrapped shrimp

Mashed potatoes
Dinner rolls
Stewed apples

Palate Cleanser
Chocolate-covered poached pears

Dessert (which we didn’t quite get around to eating)
German apple dapple cake

It was the practice menu for Christmas dinner where I’ll be cooking for more people, in a kitchen not mine, but at least with my sister to help (and she’ll be doing a chocolate cake of some sort for dessert instead). This time around my technique on the macaroni and cheese balls was shoddy, and it was agreed that there needed to be a lighter course of something between the appetizers and the dinner so I’ll be adding some sort of thin soup, possibly a minestrone. My timing was also all shot to hell, but I’ll have more time for prep work at Christmas, and my sister to help me day of, so that should be resolved. The turkey wasn’t dry, so that was a blessing. The important part is that all of the recipes I was using work, even when I’m prepping until 3 am and then running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

And now I get to make turkey soup with the carcass. I’m going to be in Chicago and unable to eat it, and Don will probably turn up his nose, so I’m not sure who’s going to eat the soup, but it shall be tasty.

Mmmm four-day weekend spent cooking. And saving the world. And reading crack-fantasy. And reminding the cat that she loves me more. Really needed a solid weekend. This one was nice, if two months late.

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