Do you, on your annual survey to rate how you feel about the company employing you, trust their claims of anonymity and actually tell the company what you think of it, citing poor HR management and a pattern of small fibs designed to hide it, or do you decide that given your general distrust for the internal honesty of the company you should just act like you’re pissing rainbows and kittens about the place? The first option is clearly the noble choice which might lead to improving the company and making it a stronger, better place to be. The second choice guarantees I can pay my mortgage. There is no pattern of spite-firings, but there is a pattern of disenchanted people getting nudged toward seeking alternate appointment.

I’ve already made my choice, but I’m willing to be persuaded on way or another.

One thought on “Ethical conundrum

  1. I say tell the truth. I understand not entirely believing in the anonimity, but at least hope that they treat it somewhat like the information was anonomous. Maybe they’ll listen and actually try to improve?

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