Three weeks ago my job and I agreed to part ways (for value of agree that include “they kicked, I didn’t argue). While the underhanded, slipshod idiocy involved in that particular incident are by turns infuriating, offensive, and reprehensible, this has lead to a long chain of things for which I am deeply, intensely grateful. Among them:

– I do not, in fact, have to keep that fucking miserable job for 18 more months.
– My brain flipped back on. I hadn’t even realized it was in complete shutdown until I woke up one morning, actually awake and ready to face the day, and genuinely surprised to discover that I am not a zombie.
– I get to go back to school. As a full time student. I’ll be taking the pre-reqs required for me to get into a grad program for Neuroscience. The job situation evolved in time for me to enrol in classes for the Spring semester. This is just one of many, many timing aspects that are truly beautiful.
– Two different consulting firms have already contacted me about hiring me in a year when my non-compete expires. That’ll be the year from now when I’ve complete my pre-reqs and want to sock away a pile of cash for retirement and eating well in grad school.
– With the money I have saved right now, I would not be out of cash until October with no job and a strict budget.
– I already have a job for that year in between. Selling pretty things. On commission. This is going to be hugely fun. (For about eight months. But hey, I only plan to keep it for a year anyway)
– My current job will be sorry to see me go. Even the people who were so fucking clueless/stupid that they thought they could afford to toss me out. Yes, I am a petty, spiteful little thing, but it brings me joy.
– I haven’t been bored in three weeks. I haven’t been miserable in three weeks. I will not be bored again for at least a year and any misery I experience will be gloriously self-inflicted.
– I already have friends who are going back to school. I get to go back to school with pre-made friends. I have never started at a new school where I already had friends before. The level of excitement involved here is truly absurd.
– My sleep patterns make sense again. I have energy again. I love absolutely everything, except what I hate with passionate vehemence. And lately, I’m enjoying the hate, too. (Not true as often as some people think)

And today I had twelve people over for dinner. We ate. We talked. We argued. We watched youtube videos and enjoyed the company. It was a good day, and this, this is a good life. Just as it should be.

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