6:10am: She opted to sleep in her chair instead of in bed with me and Whey Boy. She’s not traditionally a huge fan of whey boy and I’m not high on her list either, so this is unsurprising outside the context of her being super people-clingy while ill. I take it as a good sign. Gave her six mLs of food with her pill mixed in. Proceded to give her another twenty five (!!) from the other syringe. Probably lost three mLs to dribbling, so let’s call it 28mLs total. Hopefully it stays down as this is by far the largest feeding she’s had since the new regime. It’s also the emptiest tummy. She still has heft to her like a cat when I pick her up. I’m still unreasonably pleased by this. We’re at the half can mark and her trend in meal size has been going up. I’m going back to bed for a good while.

10:10am: She did not throw up the massive feeding. Got 8mLs into her. I mixed the food more solidly this time which I think slows her down (but is less messy and causes less dribble). I might dilute a bit more before the next feeding. I’m hoping to finish most of the can before I go to work.

10:50am: 8mLs. She definitely likes it better a bit runnier.

11:30am: 2mLs. Didn’t push too hard because I want her to take at least the 4 with her med mixed in at her next feeding.

12:10pm: She won’t sit still to get wrapped up in the towel. She actually ran (well, more of a kitty jog, but it was practically running for her) all the way from the kitchen, down the steps to the foyer. I’m guessing she’s not hungry or feeling nauseas. Her med is due now, but I’ll wait a bit and try again.

12:40pm: Better luck this time. Got the 2mLs with her meds in her. Followed it up with 6 more in undrugged food. She protested much more, but I was firm. I’ll give her an hour for the meds to kick in and to work up an appetite.

1:40pm: Fighting again. Giving her another 30 min.

1:50pm: Vet called to check in. Progress sounds good enough that we don’t have to do a feeding tube. Yay! The 1 can/24hr rate seems to be the magic goal. She says we could be in this for weeks or months, but ideally we’ll get the feeding size up and the frequency down far enough by the time classes start that this won’t be a problem. She’s going to followup again with Don on Saturday to see how things are going.

2:10pm: She was still not enthused. In insisted. There’s a fine line between going with what what she needs to keep it down and teaching her that she doesn’t hafta if she doesn’t wanna. 10mls. I stopped right as her claws came out.

3:10pm: 14mLs. She was very calm about the feeding. There are about 20mLs left of the can.

3:40pm: There were actually 24mLs left in the can. I just got six of them into her. One more feeding before I go to work. I’ll cram in as much as I can get away with and then she’ll get a break until Sylvie gets here.

4:15: Last feeding before work. 10mLs in.

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