Classes started this week. I think I shall enjoy the content of both, if not the packaging. (Mandatory discussion sections WTF? Also, there’s a bell system for starting and ending classes. Way high school). I continue to kick enough ass at work to hold my own against the full-timers, though I have not yet hit the stride I need to be awesome record-breaking sales person of DOOM! Really all I care about is kicking the assess of the full-timers, though.

Idi started throwing up bunches on Friday. We switched her to injectable anti-nausea meds and they’ve been a massive improvement. She’s behaving completley like herself now complete with stalking me while I’m in the shower and greeting people at the door. She’s also started eating on her own a bit. Not enough, and mostly when you put her down in front of the food and assure her that she’s getting a visit from the syringe if she doesn’t eat enough, but progress is progress and I am pleased.

Politics are pissing me off. When aren’t they?

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