Finally unsubscribed from the LP mailing list. That’d be the one which, years after I signed up for it because I wanted to connect with other people who would be outraged at the rampant violations against civil liberties commited by the Bush administration, started sending me weekly emails asking for money, calling health care reform (health care reform?) the greatest threat to our civil liberties and, today, sending me flyers to distribute advertising April 15 tea party protests. Now, come on guys, I’m with you on the evils of income tax but is that really what you should be upset about right now? It’s entrenched. Shouldn’t we try fixing some of the significantly more upsetting things that are still fairly new? And what on earth are you doing getting mixed up with tea baggers?

Anyway, I finally clicked the unsubscribe link rather than keep getting infuriating emails. They inform me that I’ll be notified of the success or failure of my unsubscription by email. Uhm…the point is that I don’t want anymore email from you. Ever. Your crazy is way past salvaging. We’re at the loud and nasty public break-up and never speak to each other again stage. Followup emails are not appropriate.

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