In conversation tonight we started satirizing certain political elements in the country who, through one form of ignorance or another, think there’s a chance Obama isn’t actually a citizen. I was immediately overcome for the desire to see a comic about a superhero named Foreign American Man. Neither of his parents were citizens, but his mother straddled the fence around a US embassy and splorch he is birthed unto American soil, thus rendering him a citizen, albeit not a real American. His super power is to secretly convert good Americans into Muslims by bumping into them. Shaking hands can turn you into a socialist fascist. I shared this desire with the group, and the story got embellished from there. (Splorch was not originally my sound effect. I have now appropriated it)

I do not have the artistic skill, or the time, to do this, but I still want to see it. So I’m posting it on the internet in the hopes that somebody will steal my idea. Somebody out there give me the life and adventures of Foreign American Man. Go internets, go.

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