I just spent a week hanging out with people talking about their dreams of working theirs asses off to make $20k/year with no benefits.

Yesterday I put out my resume to troll for consulting contracts. I need to refill my bank accounts to fill the gap between now and when I’ll start making money in the real estate thing, so I’ll rent out my soul again for six months or so and be rid of the whole nasty thing forever.

Except that three different firms have contact me today. Each time they’ve asked me what I’m looking to make, I’ve increased the hourly wage by 50%, mostly because the first guy was a little patronizing with his, “We can do a little better than that,” and I wanted to see how high I could go before somebody choked. I hit it with the third guy. He asked if I’d be willing to take a rate for about $10/hr less. The new number still had three digits. Per hour, people.

My soul, it is embarrassingly valuable.

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