The news last week was utterly depressing, more so because the people I was voting for (well, not for so much as I was terrified of their opponent) kept knocking on my door while I was trying to work and asking me to please, please vote. They must have had me on an under 30, therefore likely liberal and unwilling to vote list or something. But every time they knocked on my door, they were both interrupting my work and wasting their time. It was a giant flag of “I don’t deserve to win.” Which is depressing when the other side is terrifying. And unsurprisingly, they didn’t win. (The only person I voted for who didn’t lose, also the only one who never came to my door or wasted propaganda on me. Also also the only one I was happy about voting for) So yeah, I wish I’d found out about this when it happened, because I could have used the cheering up, but I’m glad I heard about it now.

No, genes are not patentable. And they never should have been. Thank you for some basic understanding of science getting involved here. Yay!

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