It was boring, guys.

The animated sequence they used for info-dumpery was gorgeous. Every scene with the bad guys plotting was phenomenally good. The rest of it? Boring. Hermione did her best to add some life to a dead script, but she didn’t get much help and there was no rescuing the movie from somebody deciding that, all of a sudden at the last minute, we had to do a page-by-page faithful adaptation of the books.

Also, I adore Helena Bonham Carter’s Bellatrix. That casting decision was pure genius. The scenes with her were worth the price of admission, as long as you’re going to a matinee.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Movie 7

    1. Which is why I’m baffled that they decided to make a faithful adaptation of it. The only one of the books with enough meat for two movies was Goblet of Fire.

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