– I have already broken a year long streak of naturally not sleeping more than nine hours, by sleeping for 14 last Friday.
– insomnia is back, probably induced by the part where I’m getting up at 5:30am according to my internal clock, when I’m not getting up at 4, and going to bed responsibly in preparation. I’ll make it through tomorrow, and pick up a little slack over the weekend, but I am screwed for next week. That revelation back in June about how what I really need is a job that’ll let me keep to my natural sleep cycle was sheer brilliance I’d have never stumbled upon were I not particularly well rested at that point.
– Have already started back at the gym. It was an inevitable consequence of spending ten hours a day on my ass at a desk, and several more in cars and planes. My sleep marathon on Friday brooked interruption only for nasty spasms, because apparently my calves think that running a fever and not being able to breathe is not an acceptable excuse for waiting a week to start. At least the bike has a good place to perch my book.
– I’m still on the tail end of that cold, but tonight’s the first time I’ve taken anything since detoxing on Friday. (Does anybody else take 36 hours to stop feeling high from cold meds?) The only reason I took anything tonight was because I skipped the gym to catch up on other stuff and I am not going to make it much longer with the cold and without endorphines.
– I am embarrassingly late with sending my comments from last wg out to people. The time where I’ve been awake and coherent, but not at work has been very…nonexistent. I should have done them before the contract, but I was busy finishing up a book draft because I’m no fool, I saw my descent into gibbering incoherency coming months ago. At least I held it together enough to give coherent oral feedback at the meeting. Or I did a good enough impression of it that everybody else was too polite to say otherwise.
– I got all of my Christmas shopping done in time for shipping deadlines, barely, and I was so tired and in denial about still being sick that I’m not sure I did it right and I’m afraid to check
– I feel much more positively toward Cleveland as a whole and my hotel in particular than I did last week. Then again, I knew I would; there was no chance of me liking anything last week. I don’t think there is a route that’ll get me to work in less than half an hour from the hotel, though, so if I don’t magically morph into a morning person over the weekend, I’m going to have to scout for something closer. I can handle a trek for evening activities a hell of a lot better than I can handle a morning commute.
– I am bored out of my ever loving skull. Would these people get their acts together and give me some actual work to do, please? What do I have to charge for the thought of having me just sit there to be so outrageously expensive that I don’t have to constantly beg for something else to do? Because I bloody well need to be charging that, whatever it is. Last time around it was miserable because I suspected there were better things I could be doing with my time. Now I know there are. And since apparently a snow flurry is enough for everybody to stay home rather than come in to work, I haven’t learned the office politics well enough to figure out who needs help on the sly and will take it. This is my life until June. *whimper*

Idi’s home alone tonight, and will be again for the first few days of next week. I am ignoring the paranoid voice that says I’m coming home to a sick cat next Thursday.

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