Up to this week Cleveland has not used the new body scanners regularly. I’ve nervously spotted an occasional random passenger sent through but for the must part the scanners just sat there, menacing but roped off. Until just now.

Today there are two lines after the boarding pass check. One goes through the metal detector, the other through the scanner. I got sent to the second line. Before going through, while I’m trying to decide whether I’m more or less likely to get myself arrested by going with the flow our demanding an alternative, I asked a TSA agent how I could get to do the metal detector instead. I have to get into the other line. The one reserved for employees and first class passengers.

I am exquisitely pissed.

I fly more often than the known safety threshold for going through those scanners, but without a special ticket that doesn’t even exist for my flights, I get the pleasure of risking cancer, the thing I’m least interested in dying of.But rich people on bigger flights are clearly no threat so they shouldn’t have to take the risk.

Fuck you, Cleveland TSA.

Goodie, I get to write more letters to authority figures who don’t give a shit about rational rules.

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