My biggest reaction to the whole thing is to be various degrees of uncomfortable with how much of the coverage involves questioning whether the protesters should be doing what they’re doing, because a regime change might be bad for us. This could be madness on my part, but I don’t really thing the Egyptians have any obligation to protect US interests. It’d be nice if whatever they do works out for us, and it’d genuinely suck if crazy Islamo-fascit-terrorist-jihadi-boogeymen took over Egypt and started fights with Israel, but I’d kinda prefer coverage that goes into detail about who the the players are, what the landscape looks like, and the likely outcomes of various possibilities. NPR’s done some of that, but on the whole, meh.

However, if we’re going to focus on outside narrow interests, then there’s one thing we should all remember: Anderson Cooper got punched in the head. Go Egypt!

(Yes, it happened last week. Yes, I’m still really pleased by it. I’ve wanted to punch him for years. Yes, this makes me a bad person.)

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