I was watching Doctor Who when the announcement was made.  My reaction?  The Silence beat the Weeping Angels for creepy in a huge way, I adore Rory, and I’m tired of everybody else’s crush on Amy.

Oh, you mean about the Bin Laden thing?  I kinda thought he was dead already.  Whatever.

2 thoughts on “Bin Laden

  1. You really think Silence > Weeping Angels? I guess I found the Angels creepier given their look, how they blend into the background more naturally, and also because blinking is slightly more tension generating then just looking away. (You don’t have to look away, but you HAVE to blink.)

    No one gathered out to the state capitol for impromptu chants of “USA! USA! USA!” I take it?

    1. In Blink the Angels were hugely creepy, but S5 ruined them for me – they were much more effective in small numbers and with more limited abilities than the mobs of mega-powered angels. The Silence, on the other hand, got creepier with numbers. Besides, living to death outside your time line, meh. Having your head constantly messed with and being given suggestions you follow without realizing it…yeah, that’s creepy.

      And no, no spontaneous gloating. I did get randomly pulled out for new bomb detecting procedures at the airport yesterday. Somehow killing Bin Laden made us less safe? I don’t think I’m supposed regret we caught him, but I just might.

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