Got my edits from Apex today.  So, in the middle of WisCon I drop everything to boot up the computer and look through them.  The story is short, especially for me, and full of pretentious sentence structure and things done for style, so there’s a lot to potentially hate.  Plus, I’ve heard horror stories about people’s first sales being set until they get the edits, and then everything falls apart.  Am I about to become a horror story?

I was a horror story already.

The edits consisted of fixing my commas.  In 1,500 words, I have 18 fixes for comma usage.  My 10th grade English teacher is crawling into his grave right now, just so he can roll in it.  Poor man.

Needless to say, I approved all of the edits.  This is the step I was waiting on for telling the relatives, so tomorrow’s phone call with the grandparents should be great fun.

One thought on “First Edits from an Editor

  1. If you sent it to me first, I’d have fixed those commas for you. I had no problem doing it in 6th grade while you were in 10th :p

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