I am there, and I like it.  The interface does not make my brain bleed the way Facebook’s does, the TOS do not creep me out the way Facebook’s does, and the circles as means of social organization make sense and are useful, unlike friending on Facebook.  In other words, Randall Munroe got it right.

Actually, I’m fairly enthusiastic about Google+.  I’ve encircled all kinds of interesting people I’ve been meaning to keep better tabs on.  I’m slightly over capacity on blogs I can keep up with already, and I avoid Facebook as much as possible, so following neat people there isn’t practical.  This is filling a niche in my internet life I knew I had, but didn’t have a solution for.  After Buzz and Wave, it’s nice to see Google pull that off.  Good job.

I’m debating the virtues of cross-posting blog content.  On the one hand, I’ve already been encircled by more people on Google+ than regular hits to the blog, so this would expand my audience.  On the other hand, most of the people who’ve encircled me are writing folks, and I doubt they’re interested in 70% of what I put up here, so I’d just be spamming them.  (This, of course, assumes the circle they put me in is one they actually follow)  Also, I like being able to look at my stats and number crunch.  Google reader already throws off my numbers, cross posting would be worse.  Thoughts?

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