I missed the last Ubuntu upgrade.  I tried once or twice, never got a functioning USB installer put together.  Just finally upgraded and I’m having a violent reaction.  I loathe Unity.  I’m sure it’s great for a desktop, but I have a netbook.  Unity delights in eating my carefully reclaimed screen space.  Worse, it doesn’t appear to be configurable so that I can slap it back to where it belongs.

Bad move, Ubuntu.  If I wanted to get locked into a UI design, I’d use Apple products.

I’m downloading Kubuntu.  Several years ago I decided that Gnome looked better and the performance differences between the two weren’t an issue for me.  I suspect Kubuntu looks better now.  If not, I may go shopping for a wholly new distro altogether.  I have been whining about how Ubuntu’s habit of just plain working was depriving me of organic opportunities to fiddle.  Might be time to start poking at something less mature.

ETA: Apps?!  It’s sorting the programs as Apps?  This isn’t a cloud computer.  It runs PROGRAMS.  Holy hells, I haven’t taken an instant dislike to an OS this potent since the first time I booted into Windows.

Fricken kids on my fricken lawn.

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