I am apparently going to a lot of cons this year.  Between that, slight travel for work, my sister’s wedding, and my fervent desire to leave the country for kicks at some point, my travel schedule is starting to stress me out.  The stress is mostly because the schedule is nebulously swirling in my head and I have the sneaking suspicion I’m double-booked in different time zones.  So, to straighten myself out and edify anybody who cares, here is my planned travel schedule for this year.

February 13-16: Work trip.  Woo.

March 24-26: My sister’s Bridal shower.  I’ll be in Richmond at least that much time.  Might sneak a jaunt up to D.C. in while I’m there.  May also attach March’s work trip.

March 30-April 1: FogCon.  Between repeated invitations from a few people I know and then getting ordered to attend at the FogCon party during WisCon, (Gilgamesh and Enkidu communicating entirely with the word “dude” will cause that) this one became a priority.  So I’ll be heading to San Francisco for the first time in a decade.

May 4-7: Sister’s Wedding.  This is the bare minimum of time I’ll be gone for that.  Realistically, I’m probably going to Richmond the weekend prior. 

May 25-28: WisCon.  I intend to stay home the week leading up to this con, just to thwart my WisCon curse and any new dastardly attempts to prevent attendance.  Just because I finally made it last year does not mean that the curse is broken.

August 30-September3: WorldCon.  It’s in Chicago.  Hell yes I’m going!  I bought membership as soon as that opened, then booked a room on the first day that was available.  It’s possible I’m excited about this one.

September ?-?: Argentina?  Unless Europe has a recession and I go there instead?  All I know is that I like leaving the country in September and I’ll be so sick of politics that if the recalls aren’t resolved yet I probably won’t care.  (Also, staying home to freak out and meddle was so last year.  I hope.)

November 1-4: World Fantasy Con.  It’s in Toronto, where I’ve never been.  And it’s not over Halloween, which means it won’t conflict with my Halloween party for once.  I am leaping on this opportunity.

Have I left anything out?  More importantly, who’s going to the same cons and wants to be travel buddies/roomies?

Note to self: Almost every one of those is the first weekend of the month, the same weekend your crit group meets.  Shame on you.

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