Nebulous notoriety

Hey hey, guess what!  I know somebody nominated for a Nebula.  I don’t just know him, but I’ve taken sides in a faux literary feud he’s involved in.  I mean, sure, I sided against him, but there was loot involved so I don’t think anyone can hold that against me.

I’ve also made inappropriate comments about absconding with the liver of one of the other Nebula nominees, and admitted to a remarkably unsubtle crush on a third.  The nomination ballot is all about me this year.

Or maybe not.

Either way, you should check out the list and read the stuff that’s up there.  There’s still time to nominate for the Hugos, so if you’re thinking of going to WorldCon, buy your membership and get to reading.  And if I know you, go out there and win awards so I can continue on my quest to be that parrot who knows everybody.


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