It is with deep sorrow and a smidge of shame that I must confess that I am so far into the penalty box I should invent a new sort of penalty to punish myself.  I triggered my third hit last Thursday, and here we are, nearly a week later, and I haven’t repaired it yet.  In other words, not only had I fallen below ten queries out for more than 48 hours at  a time twice before, but I did it the third time six days ago and haven’t done a thing about it.  I’ve been busy, sure, but this is the sort of slacking I knew I was in for when I created the game.  Bad, Anaea.  To the penalty box.

The people playing the game with me get to select the penalties, though anybody with a good idea for something should feel free to chime in.  If there’s enough chatter or disagreement, I’ll set up a poll.

Penalties must be things I can actually do which will not result in lasting harm to my long-term well being.  You may also want to keep in mind that I’m at FogCon this weekend, which could lead to lots of opportunities for engineered public embarrassment.  I’ll even have my camera, should documentation be required.

You have your mission, oh internet.  Punish me.

2 thoughts on “Query Game Update: Penalty!

    1. Given that nobody has proposed anything else, I think this will have to be my punishment. And finding a time when I’m home at the same time as my roommates for us to consume the curry chicken salad will probably be the most punishing part.

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