This actually came about two weeks ago, but I was distracted with the minor affair of my sister’s wedding.  This did not follow on a partial request, but I’m not going to quibble.

This means that Sylvia has, once again, won.  Apparently optimism is the way to go.  Now the big question: Will she get the hatrick*?

Sylvia, shall I design you another pie, or would you like to name a different prize?

Anybody penalty watching will be happy to know that I have a massive buffer in between me and the danger zone.  If I keep up the pace, I’m going to run out of agents before I run out of the year, which case we’ll hit the game finale a bit early.  That’s okay; I’m looking forward to the finale.


*Is that the right way to use that word?  I suck at sports analogies.

3 thoughts on “Query Game Update: Full Request!

  1. I clearly have inside information! Congrats and well done!

    I love your step-by-step blog posts so I think I’d like to get another recipe. I’m in Spain at the moment and there’s no good bakery nearby. So accepting that I can’t buy exciting flour here, do you want to try to ease my woes with an interesting loaf?

    I can get plain flour, wheat flour, and “cake flour” but nothing exciting like rye or spelt or anything like that. I have fresh yeast and I don’t mind setting up a sourdough. Does that sound like a fair prize?

    1. That sounds fair, though I should warn you, I am a bread novice. I baked more bread in January than I had my whole life prior, so I don’t have a whole lot of insight or handy tips to pass along.

      If that’s okay with you, I’m thinking a loaf a challah might be nice.

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