Wednesday canvassing happens out of the Glass Nickel on Muir Field.  Last night, that shaped dinner plans.  I was going to knock on doorways, then I was going to order a Thai pie and take it home to my hungry roommate and have a relaxing evening filled with working while showing off Mad Men to a buddy.  My ambitions were small, but important, since this week has been full of mornings and canvassing makes me hungry.

With triumph I returned to Glass Nickel, placed my order, and sat down to be useful for ten-fifteen minutes while I waited for my order to finish.  And forty minutes alter, plaintively asked whether my pizza was done.  It was, and had been for about half an hour.  Sad, hungry Anaea, now with tepid pizza.  I’m about to send of messages alerting people to my impending arrival when the guy who’d taken my order interrupts.  “I feel really bad about that.  Let me make you another one.”

“That’s okay,” I say, because I’m hungry and want to go home and still have several hours of work to do before I can call it a day.

“No, really.   It’ll just be ten minutes, I promise.”  So I sit back down, forlorn, but in the fuddled-phase of hungry that makes it hard to do much else.

Ten minutes later I had a hot pizza.  And the assurance that I should take the cold one with me too.  And five dollars off my next Glass Nickel order.  Plus another sincere, non-cloying apology for letting my pizza sit.

That’s customer service with a bang.  I’m not only not upset about my tepid pizza (It was annoying, but not a fiasco), I’m super pleased with the response to it.  Good job, Glass Nickel on Muir field.  Good job.  I will so be going back.  Just, you know, not until after we finish off these Thai pies filling the fridge.

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