Remember my review for Embassytown?  Now you can find it, polished a bit, in the latest issue of the Drink Tank.  It’s there in their Hugo nominee themed packet with lots of other great articles.  You should check it out.  All it costs is a teeny weeny bit of bandwidth and a smidge of storage space.  We’re 21st century people, we have both to spare.

Also, the print copies for the Book of Apex: Volume 3 are now available.  That’s the one I can’t get you for free, but can get you a discount on.  (BOA3LAY)

Also also, if my day goes according to plan, I should have news for the Query game tomorrow.  I’m saying this publicly to make sure that if my day doesn’t go according to plan, my priorities don’t reset to “sit in the hot tub and pet the kitty.”

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