I may have mentioned one or a hundred times that I’m going to WorldCon.  Well, now I have my preliminary appearance schedule, which I share with you so you can stalk me more effectively.  Because you’re going, too.  Aren’t you?

Thur 4:30-6pm Logic and Time Travel

If time travel stories are inherently illogical, how can we read them — let alone write them? Anaea Lay, James Bryant, Laura Frankos, Lawrence Person, Tony Pi


Fri 2:30 – 3pm Reading

Anaea Lay


Sat 4:30-6pm The Prime Directive: Altruism or Survival Strategy?

Is galactic civilization billions of years older than we are? Giving the Kzin a star drive seems like a really bad idea. Are there rules out there? Would voluntary enforcement be enough if coupled with a few horror stories? How could rules be established and communicated? When and how might we find out? Anaea Lay, Dale Cozort, James L. Cambias, John Strickland, W A (Bill) Thomasson


Sun 12-1:30pm Introduction to Linguistics

A basic introduction to linguistics and linguistics diversity, and how it might contribute to realistic languages in fiction. Anaea Lay, David J. Peterson, Lawrence M. Schoen, Petrea Mitchell, William S. Annis

It’s safe to say I’m rather pleased with having snagged that much programming.  Also, an entire half hour reading, all to myself.  It’s going to be awesome like awesome things.

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