It started like this.

Then, as is the way of the internets, it went from there.

So here it is, the official announcement of the Pro-Villainy Movement.  We’re tired of relentless and unfounded optimism, of the rampant demonization of the opposition, of the relentless victory of the protagonist.  Love doesn’t always win.  Good doesn’t always triumph over evil.  In fact, sometimes the bag guys are right.  The discrimination must end.  The tyranny of the protagonist needs to be explored, subverted, and destroyed.

Henceforward, all the stakes are different.  From now on, there is no assurance of safety.  Your protagonists might die.  The world might end.  Sauron gets the ring.  Eddore wins the universe.  Bellatrix gets a Dark Lord actually worthy of creepy, subservient adulation.

This is good.

Okay, that’s what we are, that’s what we want, but what are we going to actually do?  The answer is two-fold:

If you are a writer, declare here your intention to use the Pro-Villainist’s aesthetic in your future work.  If you already have published works in keeping with the aesthetic, tell us about it in the comments.

Everybody else, let us know about the things already in existence that we can claim as examples of our aesthetic.  Try to do it without spoilering, if you can.  And maybe let the Pro-Villainist creators out there know how much you appreciate their work.

Go forth, like winged monkeys, and spread the word.  The Pro-Villainists are here, and we mean to take over!

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