I’m trapped in CE training so I can keep up my life of debauchery my real estate license, so today is dedicated to announcing things.

First up, you can now hear Your Cities on Toasted Cake.

I have my programming schedule for World Fantasy Con.  I snagged a reading for 11:30 Sunday, in Aurora.  I may even decide what I’m reading in advance this time.  (Crazy, I know)

Strange Horizons bought a story from me.  Actually, they did this a while back,  and I’m just announcing it now.  For reasons.  No, I won’t tell you what they are.  But you’ll be able to read Hiding on the Red Sands of Mars from them some time next year, probably March.  Also, have you donated money to their fundraiser yet?

I’ll be revisiting Apex next year, too.  They’ve bought Turning the Whisper.  This is really cool because it tells you what happens to some of the characters from Sentient Domain.  I’ve had several shorts set in that universe, but this was the first one to really work well.  Yay.

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