I hereby announce that I shall be at World Fantasy Con from about 8pm Thursday – 1:30pm Sunday.  I have a reading in Aurora on Sunday at 11:30.  This is the very say room where Pat Rothfuss has a reading of the same length on Friday.  This tells me they put Pat in a room that is much too small.

I’ll be mixing up Anaea’s Standard Practices of Readings and show up with a piece already picked out.  Crazy, yes?  I’ll be reading The Visited, a mock-rock-biopic which establishes both that I’ve ingested rather more ’60s rock than is natural for somebody my age, and that the summer of hope-is-a-lie stories is stretching into the fall of hope-is-a-lie.  Incidentally, John Joseph Adams just picked it up for Lightspeed.  I’ve always said JJA has good taste 🙂

Speaking of good taste, there will be chocolate at my reading.  If you come, I’ll probably share it.

And while we’re on the subject of my dulcet tones, you have donated to Strange Horizons, haven’t you?  I’m not saying anything, but if you like it when I read things, you have an interest in making sure they hit their stretch goals.

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