Today marks the birth of a beautiful thing, the Strange Horizons Fiction Podcast.  I’m super proud of this, to a possibly deranged extent.  You should go listen to it.

The story this week is fantastic which I’m particularly appreciative of since I’ve read it, non-hyperbolically, about eighty times.  I did five different start-finish recordings of it, and certain chunks of the story I re-recorded several more times than that.  I don’t know how long it’s going to stay in my brain, but right now I have most of it memorized.  And I still think the story is brilliant, and caught a detail I’d missed the last time I went through.  That’s really good fiction.

I’ll be talking about behind the scenes podcast stuff on other Mondays.  This Monday, though, all you get is story squee, and my giant, gargantuan, humongous uber thanks to Sarah Pinsker and Eneasz Brodski for being beta listeners.  My sanity, they helped preserve it.

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