For my roommates, who are sweltering away in southeast Asia and away from their kitty.IMG_5859

This is the, “What, I’m just sitting here.  I was totally not just running around like a nut,” pose.IMG_5854

This is the, “I’m going through my being obsessed with any water not my designated water,” pose.


The, “I was just chewing that purple thing, and in a moment I’m going to roll over and attack you with the cuteness of my belly,” pose.


The “OMG, there are invisible ghosts in the house and I’m chasing them and why are you looking at me like that I totally am not high,” pose.


“What? Me? Lick this rainbow? Never!  It’s full of kitty narcotics!”



“Yes, you must flee to Jade Mountain to get work done, because otherwise I am going to sit here and be aggressively cute until you play with me.”

Couldn’t get her to sit still long enough for photos while her belly was exposed.  You’ll just have to wait until you get home for that treat.  Until then, enjoy your humidity and sunshine.

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