Podcast here.  Your mouse goes clicky click.

Hey guys, want to know how to make a scifi nerd linguist swoon?  Write a story full of poetry in a quasi-obscure pidgin language.  Want to know how to make a freshman podcast editor pull her hair out?  Write a story full of poetry in a quasi-obscure pidgin language.

I had intended to farm out the poetry bits to somebody more qualified for me, but sore throats happened.  Tragically, this meant I spent a great deal of time looking up the phonetics of Bislama and listening to recorded samples and practicing things while the cat scratched at the door wanting to know why her mommy had lost her mind.  This was great fun.  For me, at least.  Idi probably has a different opinion on matter.

Even before the sore throat struck I was having a lot of fun for this story.  Lavie Tidhar (that’d be the author of said story) has written a whole bunch of stories in the same universe.  Because I’m very thorough and diligent* I went and read a bunch of them.  I’d suggest everybody do this, because the story gets so much richer and little things in it become even neater when you’ve seen them fleshed out in other places.  And the stories in and of themselves are worth reading.  Lavie has a list of them with links to the internet available ones here.  Go forth and indulge in a literary binge of space-future awesome.  You can thank me for inflicting this on you later.

But first, podcast.

*Read: Obsessive and possibly deranged

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