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I talk about it a bit at the end of the podcast for this week, but this story does really nice things with imagery.  And it’s one of the stories that makes me really happy I’m doing this podcast, because I wound up paying a lot more attention to it and getting a lot more out of it than I would have otherwise.  One of the things I still intensely miss about college is reading a thing, then getting together with a bunch of other highly analytical, pedantic people and talking about the thing.  I know people who find dissecting art damages it, makes it less enjoyable, but I’ve always had the opposite experience.  Pull a thing apart, take a look at its guts and its innards, and it usually gets better.  You find all the cool mechanisms that were invisible on first glance, all the subtle little tricks and trails.

This week’s story is one that really rewards the dissection.  So go dissect it.

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